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Crescent Moon imagery - a lunula is a torc is an enclosure ditch - methodology of the the Kîmêrae

a Lunula is an ancient celtic form of decoration that reflects the crescent of the non-full moon, as is the Ancient British Torc (or ring of twisted gold that was work around the neck), this imagery is also reflected in the design of the Enclosure Ditches that were associated with stone circles that litter the Megalithic countryside.

Where does this fit into our DREAM DETECTIVE AGENCY book one: and the case of the missing century? I'll tie this all back into the dualities known as the Sîrênae and the Kîmêrae.

You'll see. I promise. It'll all make sense and hold relevance to the unfolding narrative of twin-girls Dierdre Openhouse and Brody Belvedere.