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Ancient Celtic Stone Circles - centre of the Cèilidh - and that's the way it is

another lovely hour-and-a-half of jog-dreaming or 'letting an idea run away with itself while you're out and about running away with yourself' took me from an exploration of the Dierdre Openhouse's purring white Dream Cat, hence the image of the yin-yang cats above, to the conceptual linkage of the Ancient Celtic Stone Circles and heritage music...

RUN DMC's, "It's like that and that's the way it is," what relevance does this 90's male-vs-female tribe-vs-tribe Battle-Dance art-form have to do with thoughts of ancient worlds and a lost century that the Dream Detective Agency can investigate?

Hint: a Cèilidh is the living version of a stationary stone circle. As you'll notice in both stone circling and dance circling, every individual has their moment in the spotlight, their time in the centre of the circle. Their are honoured and respected for their unique transcendant perspective they bring to the dance. Starting to see it yet?…