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Lorien Howell - DDA #1 - the MISSING CENTURY material...

the first book in the Dream Detective Agency series (DDA ...and the case of the missing century) deals with a) the seminal collaboration of Dream Detective Agency sisters Brody Belvedere and Dierdre Openhouse and b) where did it go?

Where did what go?
The missing century of Real British History.
What do you mean, "The missing century of Real British History?"

British History is taught in the UK as a Norman-invasion situation. The usual caveat is, "It all happened after 1066." Anything before then is described as either 'The Dark Ages' or 'Anglo-Saxon England' or (earlier) 'The Roman Empire'. But is this the real story?

What if the story of British History we've been told was INTENTIONALLY SUPPRESSED in the 18th century under the auspices of the German Kings or Hanoverians or What Became the Saxe-Coburg Gothas or Windsors of the RRP or Royal Ruling Parliament as we know it today? What if there is glaring evidence for a 'missi…