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What is the age range for DDA#1 and how does this relate to content?


I've had a couple people ask me about the target age range for this kids' novel DDA#1 (Dream Detective Agency, book one, and the case of the missing century) especially since I came up with the new darkly Dark Ages cover (right) that nobody seems comfortable with...

DDA#1 is not going to be a short illustrated card-covered furry-textured pamphlet for little kiddies to have read to them by their doting mommies. I suspect it'll be a book that children will read (and mostly understand) for themselves. I'm not necessarily talking about a strict 'teen' rating for this either. [source Lorien Howell]
Kids who can read for themselves will enjoy this fantasy novel, it'll appeal to the Harry Potter crowd, and it'll also appeal to the Doctor Who crowd ... and both those mentioned markets appeal to adults, too.

Here's a link to the original 9,000 words short story The Amazing Adventures of Dierdre Openhouse, Dream Detective

Lorien Howell - Dream Detective Agency #1 - Giants vs Dragons

the Sîrênae vs the Kîmêrae:
in recent months, I have become fascinated by GIANTS (and DRAGONS) for DDA #1, it's gonna be a shocking and bewildering narrative involving the CCRB or Corpus Callosum Realm Between.

Here's a clue as to how we get from A to B in the narrative universe - MISSING TIME and MISSING LOCATIONS. All things that are hidden from view are (usually) in plain sight.
The Dream Detective Agency (book one) will be a novel for children of all ages, following the adventures of separated sisters Dierdre Openhouse and Brody Belvedere as they ponder the great crimes of man's stolen heritage.

"Our history on this planet is not what we think it is. Someone's been monkeying around with the truth of our lives, and we're not happy." Royal Decree on the State of our Modern Minds by Brody Belvedere to her sister-in-spice Dierdre Openhouse.

Battling the Dragon - why it only takes - One missing century

surely, you all know by now that The Dream Detective Agency children's novel is subtitled, "...and the case of the missing century," but how can only one hundred years have such a phenomenal impact upon a) the whole narrative and b) the whole cutural identity of mankind?

DDA#1 is a kid's book, never forget that - but that doesn't mean such a project can't explore some of the more contentious suicides and murders of our time - namely our Missing Past.

Mankind is schism'd, or lost ( twixt'd and tween'd ) and it's the job of the Dream Detectives i.e. Dierdre Openhouse and Brody Belvedere, to rediscover the place (in time) where this happened to help redirect mankind onto his/her original course.

Along the way they'll encounter DRAGONS... of course.

Ancient Celtic Stone Circles - centre of the Cèilidh - and that's the way it is

another lovely hour-and-a-half of jog-dreaming or 'letting an idea run away with itself while you're out and about running away with yourself' took me from an exploration of the Dierdre Openhouse's purring white Dream Cat, hence the image of the yin-yang cats above, to the conceptual linkage of the Ancient Celtic Stone Circles and heritage music...

RUN DMC's, "It's like that and that's the way it is," what relevance does this 90's male-vs-female tribe-vs-tribe Battle-Dance art-form have to do with thoughts of ancient worlds and a lost century that the Dream Detective Agency can investigate?

Hint: a Cèilidh is the living version of a stationary stone circle. As you'll notice in both stone circling and dance circling, every individual has their moment in the spotlight, their time in the centre of the circle. Their are honoured and respected for their unique transcendant perspective they bring to the dance. Starting to see it yet?…

Crescent Moon imagery - a lunula is a torc is an enclosure ditch - methodology of the the Kîmêrae

a Lunula is an ancient celtic form of decoration that reflects the crescent of the non-full moon, as is the Ancient British Torc (or ring of twisted gold that was work around the neck), this imagery is also reflected in the design of the Enclosure Ditches that were associated with stone circles that litter the Megalithic countryside.

Where does this fit into our DREAM DETECTIVE AGENCY book one: and the case of the missing century? I'll tie this all back into the dualities known as the Sîrênae and the Kîmêrae.

You'll see. I promise. It'll all make sense and hold relevance to the unfolding narrative of twin-girls Dierdre Openhouse and Brody Belvedere.

Lorien Howell - DDA #1 - the MISSING CENTURY material...

the first book in the Dream Detective Agency series (DDA ...and the case of the missing century) deals with a) the seminal collaboration of Dream Detective Agency sisters Brody Belvedere and Dierdre Openhouse and b) where did it go?

Where did what go?
The missing century of Real British History.
What do you mean, "The missing century of Real British History?"

British History is taught in the UK as a Norman-invasion situation. The usual caveat is, "It all happened after 1066." Anything before then is described as either 'The Dark Ages' or 'Anglo-Saxon England' or (earlier) 'The Roman Empire'. But is this the real story?

What if the story of British History we've been told was INTENTIONALLY SUPPRESSED in the 18th century under the auspices of the German Kings or Hanoverians or What Became the Saxe-Coburg Gothas or Windsors of the RRP or Royal Ruling Parliament as we know it today? What if there is glaring evidence for a 'missi…

Ludicrous Dreaming - Reverse-Transference dreaming - how to Dream like a Detective

Ludicrous Dreaming is where you suddenly decide (in the dream) that "I am," and that this is how my dream will go.

In this morning's particularly vivid and super-lifelike dream, I woke up. I was having a dream, a normal dream with a dream-woven narrative. And I was suddenly 'awake', outside the dreaming state while the dream went on, underneath.

I said, "I will change this now, immediately, into something I want," and the dream complied. It was super realistic and very lifelike, if only I had this power in my real life I was thinking. This is the real shocker, I was both scheming and formulating and THINKING within the context of the narrative events i.e. Ludicrous Dreaming. And it was ultra-realistic; I still have the last few minutes' detailed content still right there in my mind. The denouement was an analysis by my child-self who entered the dream like a Shakespearean narrator to summarise how I can make the real world work like this, "It…

Double-adjacent realm between - the Sîrênae - the Kîmêrae

the CCRB or Corpus Callosum Realm Between may seem like a mathematical plane between the worlds of the of here and the there, but it's not.

The CCRB is what's called a double-adjacent place squeezed between parallel worlds where the Sîrênae live, space creatures we can travel on the back of like dolphin riders or barnacles on a whale.They're called the Sîrênae because of the way you attract them -- you have to sing them or harmonise them into your travel vector during the pre-waking moments of the last segment of sleep; when one's technically awake but still in firm contact with the CCRB.They're like fish you catch. Space Whales are the largest and most phenomenal of the species. Space Sharks are the most agile yet fearsome. Space Spiders, now there's a real horror, but the most versatile. Space Worms are soft as kittens. Space Starfish are amazing help. 
The art of contacting the Sîrênae (as I've called them) is to sing in one's pre-waking lucid dreams…

Lorien Howell - Jog Dream Detecting?

oh, my god, it's started again, I only wanted a jog, a simple run in the woods, an hour on my own with my own physical actions, a regulated hour of jogging, a run

but no, I had to start jog-dreaming again.

I got FOUR, count them, one two three four major theme ideas this afternoon, and I hadn't even been doing any work on the DDA novels, not for the last few weeks or more. I haven't even thought about narrative content, character, concepts or anything... then whammo. As soon as I was out in the countryside, on my jog, there it was, idea after idea, and I couldn't stop it. Couldn't stop the flow. I had done nothing that would warrant or demand such narrative influx. I'm the victim in all this, as it were...

But there it was, unbidden. Idea after idea. It's like I could feel the separate world-scenes unfolding with each laboured footstep. It's like the Dream Detective Universe was unfurling to reveal its magnanimous mystery at no cost to the hapless  jog…

The Dream Detective Agency - book one - and the case of the missing century

in book one of this proposed series of Dream Detective Agency novels, special agents Brody Belvedere and Dierdre Openhouse span the Tricephallic chasm of the corpus callosum divide and go on a bewildering adventure that might just get them to where they need to be to solve the case of the missing century.
I've commenced writing this massive intergalactic adventure this morning, having had about six or seven lovely lucid interwoven and self-referential dreams last night. The spectator/participant nature of these kinds of slices of existence is just top-shelf excellent. History and how it relates to the language of the dream is a key element to the way the DDA works. Or fails.

No: missing century has nothing to do with cricket.
Yes: missing century has everything to do with one hundred years of stolen human evolution.

Dierdre Openhouse, she's a bit of a precocious minx and a classic case of shameless know-it-all, having been at this dream detecting game for (perceived) years. F…

The Amazing Adventures of Deirdre Openhouse, Dream Detective - 9,000 words - the prequel to the DDA

and here's Lorien Howell's 9,000 words children's book that got the whole DDA or Dream Detective Agency rolling...