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Double-adjacent realm between - the Sîrênae - the Kîmêrae

the CCRB or Corpus Callosum Realm Between may seem like a mathematical plane between the worlds of the of here and the there, but it's not.

The CCRB is what's called a double-adjacent place squeezed between parallel worlds where the Sîrênae live, space creatures we can travel on the back of like dolphin riders or barnacles on a whale.They're called the Sîrênae because of the way you attract them -- you have to sing them or harmonise them into your travel vector during the pre-waking moments of the last segment of sleep; when one's technically awake but still in firm contact with the CCRB.They're like fish you catch. Space Whales are the largest and most phenomenal of the species. Space Sharks are the most agile yet fearsome. Space Spiders, now there's a real horror, but the most versatile. Space Worms are soft as kittens. Space Starfish are amazing help. 
The art of contacting the Sîrênae (as I've called them) is to sing in one's pre-waking lucid dreams…

Lorien Howell - Jog Dream Detecting?

oh, my god, it's started again, I only wanted a jog, a simple run in the woods, an hour on my own with my own physical actions, a regulated hour of jogging, a run

but no, I had to start jog-dreaming again.

I got FOUR, count them, one two three four major theme ideas this afternoon, and I hadn't even been doing any work on the DDA novels, not for the last few weeks or more. I haven't even thought about narrative content, character, concepts or anything... then whammo. As soon as I was out in the countryside, on my jog, there it was, idea after idea, and I couldn't stop it. Couldn't stop the flow. I had done nothing that would warrant or demand such narrative influx. I'm the victim in all this, as it were...

But there it was, unbidden. Idea after idea. It's like I could feel the separate world-scenes unfolding with each laboured footstep. It's like the Dream Detective Universe was unfurling to reveal its magnanimous mystery at no cost to the hapless  jog…