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The Dream Detective Agency - book one - and the case of the missing century

in book one of this proposed series of Dream Detective Agency novels, special agents Brody Belvedere and Dierdre Openhouse span the Tricephallic chasm of the corpus callosum divide and go on a bewildering adventure that might just get them to where they need to be to solve the case of the missing century.
I've commenced writing this massive intergalactic adventure this morning, having had about six or seven lovely lucid interwoven and self-referential dreams last night. The spectator/participant nature of these kinds of slices of existence is just top-shelf excellent. History and how it relates to the language of the dream is a key element to the way the DDA works. Or fails.

No: missing century has nothing to do with cricket.
Yes: missing century has everything to do with one hundred years of stolen human evolution.

Dierdre Openhouse, she's a bit of a precocious minx and a classic case of shameless know-it-all, having been at this dream detecting game for (perceived) years. F…

The Amazing Adventures of Deirdre Openhouse, Dream Detective - 9,000 words - the prequel to the DDA

and here's Lorien Howell's 9,000 words children's book that got the whole DDA or Dream Detective Agency rolling...