Ludicrous Dreaming - Reverse-Transference dreaming - how to Dream like a Detective

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Ludicrous Dreaming is where you suddenly decide (in the dream) that "I am," and that this is how my dream will go.

In this morning's particularly vivid and super-lifelike dream, I woke up. I was having a dream, a normal dream with a dream-woven narrative. And I was suddenly 'awake', outside the dreaming state while the dream went on, underneath.

I said, "I will change this now, immediately, into something I want," and the dream complied. It was super realistic and very lifelike, if only I had this power in my real life I was thinking. This is the real shocker, I was both scheming and formulating and THINKING within the context of the narrative events i.e. Ludicrous Dreaming. And it was ultra-realistic; I still have the last few minutes' detailed content still right there in my mind. 
The denouement was an analysis by my child-self who entered the dream like a Shakespearean narrator to summarise how I can make the real world work like this, "It's Reverse-Transference dreaming," was this lad's summary.

FILE TITLE: "Jessica Alba" would still work in this context.


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