Steven Greer - The Lost Century - relevant to content of DDA #1

Whilst researching potential background information about Lorien Howell's Dream Detective Agency #1 (and the case of the missing century) I came across this poignant presentation from Dr Steven Greer dealing with the issue-relative topic of The Lost Century.

We're all dying in our dreams (night after night) because the astro-physical matrix is constantly folding in on itself, denying our minds the necessary fuel for TRANS-FORMA-TION, our dream-death means our lack of memory of our true potential as a space-breaching race...

In the novel, Brody Belvedere helps her split-twin Dierdre Openhouse to see that the only REAL WAY to break through this inter-galactic barrage of denial is to embrace the wandering zero-point, bravely go; live.


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